Utility Solutions

Case Studies


Property developers Brookgate tasked us with acquiring and managing utility services for a new city quarter in Cambridge. We met the challenge, driving down the costs and uncertainties involved in the redevelopment.

Original cost: £1,910k
Noveus delivered cost: £1,264k
Client saving: £646k


The project, called CB1, is a Joint Venture between Brookgate and Network Rail and consists of a new transport interchange together with offices, residential, student accommodation, retail and other space to be delivered over numerous phases.

With the existing infrastructure already reaching capacity, the challenge was to ensure each stage of the project had sufficient gas, water, power and telecoms supplies at the right cost without major network reinforcement. Rigorous co-ordination of the many third parties involved in each stage was also vital.

Power presented the biggest problem. The Distribution Network Operator (DNO) declared major reinforcement may be required and quoted provisional costs for the first 14 buildings of nearly £2m for 12.8MVA of power. The project also presented management challenges, with the need to oversee the disconnection and diversion of existing utilities and the phased provision of new infrastructure.


Following a full network review, we concluded power could be supplied in three incremental phases with only the third stage needing reinforcement. This, together with our overall strategy for releasing power, tightened Brookgate’s control over the works, with 90% of them defined as contestable.

Adding value

By establishing that 7.8MVA of power could be supplied in the first two phases on time and without major reinforcement, we provided Brookgate with an alternative to the DNO costings. In addition, by introducing and managing competition for the contestable elements, we actively reduced the risk and optimised contract terms for the client.

“Noveus, deserves great credit for resolving the power challenges of Cambridge’s new gateway. Their insights and management of costs, stakeholders and contractors helped to resolve key infrastructure challenges.”
Ivan Bennett, Construction Director, Brookgate Limited
“CB1 was defined by complexity, with multiple third parties and timeframes making utility provision a challenge. We provided the synchronisation and discipline to bring all the utility components together when they were needed and at a lower cost –huge positives for the client.”
Gareth Spinner, Noveus Limited