Utility Solutions


Site finding & acquisition

Selecting the best site for a large development is critical. Noveus will help clients quickly identify and acquire locations that best fit their requirements.

What we do

Determining whether a site is right for a development can be complicated and time-consuming. The presence and geographical location of utility distribution systems needs to be ascertained to ensure clients don’t pursue unsuitable or cost-prohibitive sites.

At Noveus, we have the expertise and access to UK utility network information to help ensure you make the right decision first time, eliminating costly mistakes and delays.

Using the utility data available to us, we can provide rapid and accurate evaluations of any locality UK-wide. And from there, we can negotiate the best terms, secure capacity and provide comfort to proceed with site acquisition.

Our comprehensive and cost-effective service works for clients on several levels – accelerating the selection and purchase of high quality sites with connectivity and delivering peace of mind.