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Our Approach

Traditionally, procuring gas, electricity, telecoms and water connections meant simply accepting the costs and timeframes set by incumbent utility operators. With no scope to challenge costs, dates and terms and conditions, businesses were left with little room to manoeuvre.

While change has been slow, expanding competition now means many new connections can be put out to tender to approved utility companies, enabling businesses to challenge both the costs and risk elements of projects. Yet the increasingly fragmented marketplace now poses other issues, with clients facing many critical and complex choices along the pathway to project fruition.

Noveus: navigating the maze

Noveus helps clients successfully navigate this maze while minimising costs, mitigating risk and locking in project certainty. By mobilising our expertise, we can help you obtain optimal advantage from the competitive connections and utility asset markets available to you.

How we work

We take an open, transparent and consultative approach, developing strategies based on the best possible outcome for each client.

Key projects

To learn more about how we work with our clients, view the examples under Our Projects or go to Case Studies.