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Aegis Data Store

We worked with Aegis Data Store to achieve the power capacity and cost reductions for a new data centre in Godalming, Surrey.

Original cost: £885k
Noveus delivered cost: £591k
Client saving: £294k


The Aegis One data centre development in Surrey was dependent upon securing optimal power capacity and delivery certainty. An extended programme added pressure, making it essential that both capacity and certainty were delivered for low cost and in line with a controlled cashflow.

The site’s location on the edges of UKPNL and SSE network areas also caused problems - limiting available power capacity. The Distribution Network Operator (DNO) advised that only 4MVA of capacity was available, advising that any further capacity may need significant network reinforcements, which would substantially increase timeframes and costs. The DNO quoted an upfront price of £885k for providing the connection with standard terms and conditions that provided no certainty.


We negotiated with the DNO to overcome the chief challenges of inadequate power capacity and high noncontestable charges. We also introduced competition for the contestable works with the aim of achieving optimal contract conditions, managed cashflow and robust cost and programme certainties for the client.

Adding value

With Aegis, we established that 6.2MVA capacity could be supplied without any network reinforcement and agreed its delivery at no additional cost. At the same time, we also reviewed the non-contestable costs in collaboration with the DNO, agreeing a final figure of just 49% of the original. And by introducing competition for the contestable works, we also leveraged client savings of 17% while also obtaining improved contract conditions that gave them real peace of mind.

“Two main factors made Aegis One a big challenge – the deemed insufficient capacity and high DNO quotation. Noveus, identified a cost effective alternative, cutting expenditure by £300k and establishing no major reinforcement was necessary for the increased capacity.”
Gerald Pawsey, CEO, Aegis Data Store
“Aegis One needed to secure maximum capacity at minimal cost and with a managed cashflow. By negotiating with the DNOs, we realised significant savings while increasing value through competitive bidding.”
Tony Dodds, Noveus Limited