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Are you installing EV charging infrastructure? A must read from Noveus Utilities

Aug 20/08/19

The Planning Authorities are beginning to respond in terms of requirements for any new parking and in some cases also new homes; but policy is not yet mandated.

Developers and owners of large fleets are wanting to investigate their options, so the ability to connect is key to any investment on a transition to an EV fleet. The location of a charging point(s) and the power capacity in the network with the appropriate sized assets will drive the upfront costs.

A large company with a fleet of vehicles wanting charging at work are going to need a strategy to deal with the challenges of getting connected. Service Stations by their very nature tend to be on arterial roads remote from conurbations and hence infrastructure, substituting fossil fuel stations with EV charging is not straight forward.

The regulated Network Operators (DNO’s) are not mandated to make charging possible other than responding to requests for demand, and the costs for the connections are borne by the requesting customer.

With rolling out charging points comes the need for a strategy and plan to answer a number of questions; how quick to charge? how many charging points are needed? what time of day is charging required? and how will electricity be billed? These factors may be business constraints or end user constraints, the cost and time of delivery could vary greatly dependant on the stance taken. How the solution gets delivered also has some options.

As a secondary issue from the prime need to charge, there is potential to adopt a flexibility model with options on vehicle to grid; large fleets and public transport have a high degree of attraction for these options.

So in the time of uncertainty it will inevitably pay to consider all options before refining a plan and enacting a strategy.”  - Please call us if any of these issues are affecting you.

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